DIY Sunshine Earrings!

Happy Hump Day!!
I'm currently finishing up some work and getting ready for a neighborhood workout which is probably my favorite thing to happen since MN went on lock down in March! It's been so fun to have that social part of my life back while still remaining at least 6 feet apart!
I hope you are finding ways to enjoy this crazy time! I'm sharing another fun craft today using items I found around my house! These DIY Sunshine Earrings could not be easier to make! Follow the simple tutorial below if you're looking for a project! :)

  • Letter Stickers - I used foam letter stickers but you could also use regular stickers or cut letters out of foam and use glue as your adhesive!  
  • Ziploc Bag - Any clear bag will do! I used a quart size bag so I could make several pairs!
  • Flat Earring Studs - I used a pack of these earrings from Michaels but you can use any flat studs you have. I would recommend ones you don't use very often so you won't have to take these apart after wearing! 
  • Scissors

Step One: Decide which letters to use - as you can see, I switched from orange to yellow! Adhere your letters/stickers to one side of the Ziploc, leaving out the first letter for now * I made this change after make a couple of these earrings. * 
Make sure to leave space after your last sticker if your words are a different amount of letters! I made my "SUN" earring about 1 cm longer than my "SHINE" earring!

Step Two: Once your letters are secure to the Ziploc, cut out rectangular strips, making each the same length, regardless of how many stickers there are. Leave enough extra space at the top for your first letter. You can always cut more off at the end!

Step Three: Punch a hole above your second letter using the pointed edge of your earring stud. Adhere your first letter over this, covering the post as best you can. Trim off any uneven edges and enjoy your new DIY jewelry!

Here's to more sunny days!

XOXO, Karly

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