DIY Easter Egg Bracelets!

Happy April!!
With Covid-19, spring 2020 is going to be very different this year. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and remaining home, if possible.
In an effort to spark some joy amongst this creative community, I decided to go ahead and share my blog content as planned. I'll be posting several Easter DIY projects that I was able to create with craft supplies I already had in my house. I hope that you're able to follow along and create with me, whether that means substituting one item for another or ordering supplies online! Read on if you're looking for some fun project ideas!  

  • Stretchy Cord Elastic - I found this one online at Michaels - I think they are still shipping craft supplies this month!
  • Letter Beads - I used these beads also from Michaels!
  • Plastic Easter Eggs - If you don't have any sitting around your house, Target has a variety of colors!
  • Scissors

Step One: Decide what phrase you want to put on your bracelets. I decided to stick with fun candy/sugar words! Lay out your letters in a row and string onto the stretchy cord. 

Step Two: Measure out the bracelet to fit around one of the plastic Easter eggs. Cut the end of the cord, making sure to leave enough extra so you can make a knot. Tie the bracelet together and wrap around one of the eggs. Secure by tying another two knots and pulling tight. Cut off the extra cord and make sure you can still open the egg to fill with candy!

Some ideas for your bracelets below!


I hope these craft ideas help you stay entertained while staying home!! Check back later this week for more Easter fun :)

XOXO, Karly

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