DIY Easter Bunny Ears!

It's the Weekend!!
While we're on lock down, I've been busy coming up with projects using supplies I already own, hoping some of you can do the same!  I thought this project would be perfect to share for all of the DIY-ers out there, but especially those of you with kids! This DIY took me about 10 minutes to complete and it will make such a fun accessory on Easter Sunday, however that may look this year! 
Let's give a Hip Hop Hooray to crafts for keeping us busy during this crazy time!

  • Headband - I think a thin, plastic headband works best!
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Letter Beads - I used these alphabet beads from Michaels!

Step One: Grab one of your pipe cleaners and fold in half. Add your letter beads to one side of the pipe cleaner, towards the fold. Space out your words and make sure to leave enough space (approx. 2") at the bottom to wrap around your headband. Repeat on the other side of the pipe cleaner and do this step again with the second pipe cleaner. 

Step Two: Wrap your pipe cleaners around the top of the headband. Crisscross the two ends to give extra support to the bunny ears!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

XOXO, Karly

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