DIY Days of the Week Hangers

Hello and Happy Monday!!
I'm starting the week off with a routine!! Still figuring out exactly what the is going to look like but I know for sure I want to pick out my outfits and get ready for the work day, even if I'm the only one I will see! We're still on lock down in MN so other than the occasional dog walker I see while I'm out on my lunch hour, it's pretty quiet over here.
What better way to plan my wardrobe than with some fun Days of the Week Hangers! If you have access to a printer, you can definitely make these with items you already have in your home! Read on for the 2 STEP tutorial!!

  • Days of Week Template
  • Printer/Card Stock 
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins - I found these colorful ones at the Dollar Store but you could use paper clips or ribbon and a hole punch! This is the time to get creative and use what you already have at home :)

Step One: Print off the free template onto card stock. Cut out each day, being careful to leave the colorful outline intact!

Step Two: Add a clothespin (or paperclip/bobby pin/etc) to each hanger and attach one day to each. Hang up your happiest clothing to bring some joy to your week! 

I hope this brings some joy and normalcy to another week that's anything but normal!! 

XOXO, Karly

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  1. You might even decide to use it in your wardrobe or to hang clothes up when drying. clothes hanger