DIY Monogrammed Pumpkin

Happy Fall!
I've been busy creating DIY Halloween costumes to share with you all but I wanted to post about a super easy decor project for the weekend! I love adding my monogram whenever possible so why not make a monogrammed pumpkin?! Read on for the two step tutorial to learn how to make your own!

Step One: Copy and paste your monogram into a word document and print off a copy so it fits the side of your pumpkin. Cut out around the monogram and use a couple of thumb tacks to keep the paper in place.
Follow along with the lines of the monogram by adding thumb tacks next to one another!

Step Two: Once your monogram is completely covered, you will need to remove the paper. I was hoping to pull it out from under the thumb tacks but it did not work for me! You will need to remove the paper in sections and replace the tacks into the original holes. I recommend doing this line by line to keep track of each section!

Add this pumpkin to any table setting or front porch!

Happy Fall! :)

XOXO, Karly

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