Retro Themed Pool Party!

Labor Day is Quickly Approaching....
I'm spending as much time in the sun as possible before the weather starts to turn! As much as I love fall, it's the season afterwards that leaves me shaking in my (snow) boots! As a lifelong resident of Minnesota, I try to spend most of my summer by a body of water, and this past weekend was no exception!! I planned a retro themed pool party for my best girl friends and we had the most amazing time sipping on pink frosé and wearing heart sunnies by the pool!
Read on for all of the party details and you may see a photo of me floating on an inflatable flamingo!!

What You Need:
  • Jelly Slides - I bought a pair of these slides from Old Navy for each gal in blue/white!
  • Anagram Orbz Balloons - I used pinkblue, and white balloons from Anagram Balloons to look like retro colored beach balls!
  • Heart Sunglasses - I bought pink and white heart sunnies for each guest!
  • Blue & White Striped Beach Towels - We loved wrapping ourselves in these soft towels from Target!

Pre-Party Prep: Send out a party invite to your bffs and let them in on the party theme so they can dress the part, if they want! Purchase your supplies and plan out your food and drink menu!
On the morning of the party, blow up your Orbz balloons and fill the scene with these faux beach balls! I used a balloon pump to save time! Prepare your party drinks and be ready to serve right when your guests arrive! I measured out my ingredients ahead of time so all I had to do was pour into the blender and mix!  

Party Time: Welcome guests into the party and serve your specialty drink! Take lots of photos and make sure to refill food and drinks throughout the day! 

 My friends were slightly shocked by me floating by on a flamingo floatie... LOL!

Post Party Clean up: Pile up all of your balloon beach balls and pop them to let the air out (saddest part of party clean up)!! Recycle them with other plastic items from the party!
Don't forget to thank your guests for coming and make sure they take home their swag! 

I hope you enjoyed this retro themed pool party! Check out more details on my Instagram page!

P.S. This party could easily be adapted for a bachelorette party! Ask the guests to dress in light pink and give the bride a white robe and heart sunnies!

XOXO, Karly

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