DIY Sorority Slides!

Any College Kids Out There?!
It's always fun for me to hear who is reading my blog whether it be my family, best friends, friends of friends, coworkers, or people who have found me through social media! While I'm no longer in college, I find myself living vicariously through those are living the college life! Not to age myself but the sweet girls I used to babysit fit in this category (makes me feel soooo old).
This post is for anyone who wants to represent their sorority or school letters in a fun and unique way! These slides are so easy to make and I've got all of the instructions below! 
Even if you're not in school, wouldn't these make a great gift??

  • Jelly Slides - I found this blue pair at Old Navy! 
  • Spray Paint - I used white Kryon spray paint
  • Rust-oleum Satin Clear Enamel - I sprayed my completed slides with this spray! The original spray paint I used was extremely sticky after it dried and this product sealed it so they are now wearable!
  • Tri-Delta Template - If you are making these for a different sorority or school, look up the logo online and format to approx 2.5" x 4.5"
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Painters Tape
  • Scissors

Step One: Print off the free tri-delta template or look up your sorority online and print out two logos. Cut a rectangle around each logo and cover the entire back of the logo with double sided tape. Flip over and cut out each part of the logo, ensuring the back is completely covered with tape.

Step Two: Recreate the logo by assembling the pieces tape side down on the top of the plastic. Make sure to push down the tape so that the spray paint won't get under the logo.

Step Three: Tape the entire sole of each slide to prevent any paint from hitting this part of the shoe. Make sure the tape covers everything that you don't want painted and press down the logo one more time before starting the next step.

Step Four: Spray paint your slides according to the directions on your can of spray paint. I sprayed 4 coats on each, waiting a few minutes in between.
Let these dry for at least one hour before removing the logo and tape. 
Once you have removed all of the tape, finish by spraying two coats of the clear enamel to complete your slides!

I hope you enjoyed following along with this DIY and have plans to make a pair for yourself (or a friend)!

XOXO, Karly

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