DIY Raffia Inspired Clutch

Hello and Happy August!
Can you believe how quickly June and July flew by?! I know this happens every summer but it feels especially crazy this year with everything that's going on! I've been lucky enough to visit friends in Seattle and Chicago and on the weekends I haven't been traveling, I've attended weddings for some amazing couples! 
I actually made this DIY Raffia Inspired Clutch to wear to a wedding but I haven't had the chance to use it yet! Since most of my wedding guest dresses are brightly patterned, I have yet to find one subtle enough to match - LOL! 
If you've seen clutches like this but haven't wanted to splurge, this one will cost you under $10 and you can use any fabric you want! 
Full tutorial below:

  • Raffia Colored Place Mat - I used this one from Target! 
  • Small, Round Magnets - I first used flexible magnets but they weren't strong enough so I bought these from Michaels - they worked great!
  • Fabric - I used a thin cotton fabric and found this specific print at Hobby Lobby. You just need enough to cover your place mat on one side!
  • Marker
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors 

Step One:
Measure out your fabric so it covers the entire place mat on one side. I only had a little fabric left (I've used it for other projects) so I had to repeat this step twice.
Trace the outside of your place mat onto the back of the fabric with your marker. Cut the fabric inside the lines so that as little of the black line as possible shows when you're done cutting. 

Step Two:
Glue the fabric onto the bottom of your place mat. Since the glue cools down quickly, do this in small sections, starting towards the middle and working your way along the edges. As I mentioned above, I had to do this step twice because I ran out of fabric, hence the two semi-circles of fabric. 
After your fabric is attached to the place mat, flip over and cut off any excess pieces hanging over the edge.

Step Three:
Fold the sides into the middle, using a ruler or counting the lines on each side to make sure they are even. Fold up the bottom of the place mat about 1/3 of the way and secure with hot glue. I squeezed a quarter sized amount of hot glue on the bottom right and held for 15 seconds. Once this was dry, I added more hot glue to make sure it would stay together when using the clutch. Repeat this step with the left side and make sure to hold until the glue has cooled down and dried.

Step Four:
There is more than one way to do this step but I found the method I used to be fairly easy. In order to add magnets evenly, I first glued a magnet to the inside bottom of the clutch. I put a dot of hot glue in the middle of the magnet and secured it to the inside fabric of the clutch. I then placed another magnet on the place mat side so that it would attach itself to the first magnet. I added a generous amount of hot glue to the magnet, flipped the place mat over like a clutch, and held until the glue dried. I was then able to pull apart the clutch and have it reattach itself with the magnets when folded over.
Edit: After using the clutch, I realized that the magnets were not strong enough on their own so I repeated this step and added a magnet to each side! I used 6 magnets in total.

More summer crafts coming your way soon, but until then, I'd love for you to check out my most recent DIYS, here!

XOXO, Karly

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