KPApreps DIY Flamingo Drink Stirrers

Happy Monday!!
I hope you had a lovely weekend! I spent most of yesterday basking in the sun on a flamingo floatie so I felt it was only fitting to share this DIY today! I made these DIY Flamingo Drink Stirrers and they are the perfect way to add some color to any summer party! Did I mention they're reusable and super easy to make?! Read on for the full tutorial!

  • Plastic or Paper Straws - I used plastic straws so that I could wash them and reuse them after each party! Make sure your straws are about the width of a pencil to fit into the eraser.
  • Pencil Top Erasers I found this set in the dollar section at Target but there are a ton of different styles online!
  • Scissors

Step One (and the only step!): Purchase your supplies and decide which cups/glasses you'll be using your drink stirrers with. Push the straw all the way into the eraser hole - I had to slightly bend the end of my straws to make them fit. Compare the length of your straw to your cup. I cut a couple of inches off the end to make it the right length for my party cups!
Repeat this step with all of your erasers and enjoy your instant party in a cup! Wash the straws after the party and you can reuse over and over again! :)

I may have had a little too much fun with this photo shoot!! 
I hope you can use this simple party DIY for your next summer event!
Have a flamingo-od day!!

XOXO, Karly

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