DIY Beach Ball Earrings

Happy Wednesday!
I hope you are enjoying your week and getting ready for another summer weekend!! I've been lucky to enjoy some pool time over the past couple of months so I decided to make a project I've been brainstorming since May!
These DIY beach ball earrings are the cutest accessory to bring with you to the pool or lake! They are so lightweight, you can wear them all day and they couldn't be easier to make! Full tutorial below:

  • White Ping Pong Balls 
  • Acrylic Paint - I used 3 colors: Blue, Pink, and Yellow
  • Paint Brushes - I made these twice and the second time I used a smaller brush which I actually prefer for this project! Try one of these from Michaels! 
  • Earrings - Any kind of dangly earrings will work! I used these from Michaels!
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step One:
Choose one of your paint colors to start and add a dot to your ping pong ball. This will be the top of your earring. Draw a straight line around the ball until you get to the bottom. Fill in the middle section of the line with thick strokes resembling a stripe on a beach ball. 

Step Two:
Repeat step one with your other paint colors. Space the stripes evenly so that the white space is the same width as the colored stripes. Let dry and add a second coat of paint to each stripe. Once these are completely dry, add hot glue to the top of your ping pong ball and push in the bottom of the earring while the glue is still warm. Let the glue dry before wearing!

Don't forget to pack these in your beach bag the next time you head out to the water!

XOXO, Karly

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