"She Found Her Main Squeeze" Bachelorette Party!

Hello Party People!!
If you enjoy themed parties, I have a feeling you are going to love this post! My bestie since college is getting married in two months so I threw her a Pinterest-worthy bachelorette party!! I teamed up with the bride's sister to plan out the day and night! I took over the theme while she came up with a list for food/bev and games!
 This is the fourth themed bachelorette party I've helped to plan (other bachelorette themes here) so I wanted to come up with something totally unique. I've never been to a "She Found Her Main Squeeze" bachelorette party so I knew it would be the perfect them for the bride. Lauren is such a fun and upbeat gal so the color scheme of the lemons and oranges fit perfectly! 
The bride-to-be wanted her bachelorette party to be a surprise so she had no idea what to expect when she arrived on Saturday! Needless to say, she was thrilled to see everyone wearing matching tanks and sarongs when she arrived! Read on for all of the party details!

Party Venue - Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, I found it only fitting to spend the day on a boat! We booked a paddle tap (highly recommend!) on White Bear Lake for a sunny Saturday in June! The MOH and I took turns filling the boat with drinks (champagne, lemon Jell-0 shots, mini bottles of water), snacks (chips, fruit, puppy chow), and lots of lemon and orange themed decor - guess which part I helped with?! ;)

Pop the Champagne, She's Changing her Name!

Decor/Welcome Bags - We tied fruit balloons from Anagram Balloons to the boat railings and added a big banner for the bride to see when she arrived! To thank each guest for coming, we gave everyone tanks, sarongs, mini sunscreens, and hair scrunchies! I've linked everything in this post to save you time!

After Party - When our time was up for the boat, we headed over to one of the guest's houses to get ready for the night. We stayed in our matching tanks while we snacked and watched the guest of honor open gifts! Afterwards, we changed into black dresses - the bride in white, of course - and headed out for dinner and a night on the town!

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I hope this post inspires you the next time you plan a bachelorette party!!

XOXO, Karly

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