DIY Toy Story Letterblocks

To Infinity and Beyond!! 
Please tell me you are as excited as I am about Toy Story 4!! I've been brainstorming DIYs to celebrate the new movie and these letterblocks came to mind! They may not play a huge role in the movies but they've been there from the very beginning. This is just as easy DIY and I've even got a free printable for you! These letters could be used to spell out a hashtag at a bachelorette party or a name at a birthday party!
Read on for the full tutorial: 


Step One: Decide which letters you want for your letter blocks. Open the free printable! The letters are in alphabetical order so print off the pages you need. Cut out along the outside edges of your pages.

Step Two: Fold the paper on the dotted gray lines. Each letter corresponds to to a side of the box. Put one of the folded papers into a box and match up with the sides. Once it fits evenly, add a top to the box.

Step Three: Line up your letters anyway you want! :)

XOXO, Karly


  1. These are so cute! I've been LOVING all the Toy Story inspired posts that have been shared lately. Can't wait to see the new movie ☺️

    1. Thanks so much Indya! I love the Toy Story movies so I hope this one is good!