DIY Lemonade Pitcher

Pucker up and Grab a Cup!!
Good Morning! I'm so excited to share some DIYs with you this week! I have several citrus themed crafts coming your way, perfect for those of you looking for some fun summer projects!
Today's project is this DIY Lemonade Pitcher! I made this in less than an hour and I'm going to use it all summer long :)
Read on for the full tutorial and check back later this week for more DIYs!


Step One: Cut out the free printable to show only the letters - this will make it easier to tape evenly. Decide which side of the pitcher you want your words to be on and tape the printable into the inside of your pitcher. 

Step Two: Carefully trace and fill in each letter, following the directions on your paint marker. If you use a medium tip paint pen, you will have to trace the lines a few times to completely fill in each letter. Once the paint is fully dry, fill in a second coat.

Step Three: Remove the paper from the inside of the pitcher. Fill in any uneven spots with your marker. Let the paint dry completely before filling with liquid. I recommend using regular lemonade to make the pink letters POP!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY! 
Now go out and Squeeze the Day!

XOXO, Karly

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