DIY Easter Egg Clutch

T-Minus 6 Days until Easter!
I wasn't sure if I'd have time to come up with DIYs for the holiday this year but luckily I found some free time this weekend! This DIY Easter Egg Clutch would be so cute to wear on your arm to brunch! Read on for the tutorial (it's super quick) and stop back tomorrow for another colorful Easter DIY!

  • Jumbo Plastic Easter Egg -  I bought this at Michaels and used the smallest size egg. If your phone/purse essentials don't fit in the smallest egg, the next size up will work!
  • Pearl Beads - I used two strands of these pearls beads from Michaels! You do not need your beads to be on strands as you will restring them in step 2.
  • Stretch Magic Jewelry Cord - Also from Michaels!
  • Hammer 
  • Straight Pin
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Step One: Pull your egg apart and set the top part of the egg with the pointed side up on a flat surface. Using the straight pin, hammer two holes at the top of the egg. You will have to hammer a few times to make sure the hole goes all the way through the plastic.

Step Two: Pull the elastic cord through one of the holes. Tie a double knot on the bottom side, leaving about 2 inches extra cord. Cut the piece of cord so you have enough room to thread two strands of pearl beads through, plus an extra foot or so.
Remove the beads from the original string and thread through the cord. Repeat this step until all beads are on the new string (or until the strap of the clutch is your desired length).

Step Three: Pull the cord through the second hole and make sure none of the cord is showing at the top of the egg. Tie a knot on the inside of the egg as close to the top as possible (this step takes a little patience). Keep in mind the elastic cord will stretch while you use the clutch so make sure your knots are tight!

Step Four: Cut off the excess cord and hot glue the excess cord to the inside top of the egg! Fill your clutch with your purse essentials and snap the egg together! I felt like my egg was secure enough to stay closed but if yours doesn't seem as secure, add a piece of duct tape to the inside of one side so that your egg opens with a hinge.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! 
I'd love to see if you try this project yourself! Please tag me with the hashtag #KPApreps or with my username KPApreps!

XOXO, Karly

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