Candytopia - Minneapolis Edition!

Hello Candy Lovers!! 
If you've been following along with me for a while, you know how much I LOVE candy!! Which is why, when I found out Candytopia was coming to MN, I knew I had to check it out!
I had sooo much fun seeing all of the candy sculptures, eating an excessive amount of sugar (especially for 10 AM), and jumping into a marshmallow pit, that I wanted to share with you all of my tips for living your best life at Candytopia!  Whether you're going for the experience or to get the best Insty pictures, you're in the right place. 

Tip 1: Go with Someone!
If you're a not a parent bringing your kids, bring a friend! There's so many cute photo ops designed for two or more people so bring someone along with you! The Candytopia experience is meant to shared! :)

Tip 2:Decide on Your Strategy 
There's so much to see and do at Candytopia that knowing a little bit of info ahead of time can help you have the best time. My BFF and I stalked the Candytopia social media ahead of time so we knew which backdrops we HAD to get photos in front of! If you can't tell from this blog post, our strategy was to get as many cute photos as possible! We bought tickets for the first time slot of the day and stayed at the very front of the group in hopes there wouldn't be others in the background of our pics (this worked very well)! 
Maybe your strategy is to learn all about what went into the making of the candy sculptures!  If this is the case, take your time reading the fun facts beside each candy creation, as you can't go back into a room once you exit.
If your strategy is to eat your body weight in candy, I suggest you bring a big bag! Both of our clutches were completely full by the end of the tour (LOL)!

Tip 3: Interact with the Staff
They are there to help you have the best experience possible! Don't be afraid to ask them to take pictures/videos of you, that's what they are there for! Pretty sure the "lifeguard" at the marshmallow pit took the BEST boomerang ever! :D Check out my Instagram stories if you want to see it!

Tip 4: Jump in the Marshmallow Pit!!
You've just gotta do it. It was probably my favorite part of the entire day! I thought it was going to be just a small pool set up for kids but it was massive! I was exhausted from swimming through it and trying to find the best angle for pictures (guilty)! There is even a high-definition camera above you to take birds-eye photos... so cool!

 Other Tips:
  • The first two rooms are guided but the rest of the tour is on your own! 
  • There is stroller parking but nowhere to put jackets/purses so plan accordingly
  • Wear solid colors so you pop with the patterned backgrounds!
  • Take a few pictures at the same spot - there are colorful lights going off at all times which completely change the lighting of your pics!
  • Look for your state specific candy sculptures

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope these tips help you have the best time at Candytopia!

XOXO, Karly

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