DIY Ornament Elbow Patches

Happy December!! 
I'm sharing my first new Holiday DIY today and I'm so excited! This is a project I've been dreaming up since last year and I love how cute it turned out! P.S. This could not be any easier so if you're looking for a fun DIY but don't have a lot of time this season, these DIY Ornament Elbow Patches are for you!! 

  • White Sweater - I used this cardigan from Old Navy but you can use any light colored sweater!  
  • T-Shirt Transfer Sheets - I purchased these from Michaels 
  • Elbow Patch Printable - You will need to print this onto a transfer sheet using an ink-jet colored printer
  • Iron 
  • Scissors
  • Tape - Any kind will work!

Step One: Try on your sweater and mark your elbow with a piece of tape! Do not use a pen to mark as it will show through the iron on patch (learned this from experience)! Carefully remove the sweater and set aside with the tape in place.

Step Two: Open the free printable and print onto the transfer paper using an ink-jet colored printer! Note: I was not able to print at an Office Max store as they use laser printing but most home printers are ink-jet. Cut out the patches. You do not need to cut out the hole at the top (between the silver) as this spot will not transfer onto your sweater.

Step Three: Remove the piece of tape (important!) and place the ornament patch over the spot, ink side down.

Step Four: Following the instructions on your transfer paper, iron on the patches, one side at a time! I had my iron set to high and it took me 2 minutes off and on for the design to be completely ironed. I waited about 60 seconds before removing the paper.

That's it!! Wasn't this project so easy and fun? Now it's time to rock your holiday cardigan and be the envy of all of your friends wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters! ;)

I'll be sharing more holiday DIYs as the month goes on so please check back!

In the meantime, click here for last year's holiday DIYs! Scroll to the second page for Christmas! :) 

XOXO, Karly

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