DIY Push up Popsicle Costume!

The countdown to Halloween is on!! Only 10 more days to finish your costume and stock up on candy for the trick-or-treaters!! 
I'll be sharing a few more costumes before the big day so follow along with me here and on Instagram!
Today's tutorial is for a DIY Push up Pospsicle Costume! Do you remember these from your childhood? They were one of my favorite summertime treats! :)

  • Spiral Pop up Hamper - I purchased this at Walmart
  • Fun Noodle - Color does not matter
  • White Fabric - Purchase a yard and 1/2 to make sure you have enough! 
  • Card Stock - This is for the circles so pick out the colors of your choice! 
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • Hot Glue

Step One: Cut a hole in the bottom of the laundry hamper and cut out the entire bottom layer.

Step Two: Trace a bowl or something round to make a circles on the card stock. I only decorated the front side of my costume so I needed 4 circles in each color (to make the 3 columns of circles).

Step Three: Fold the fabric in half so that it will fit around your hamper. Cut the fabric with enough room to tape/glue it completely around. *I cut too much so I had to redo this step - you will have more white space on either side of the circle design.*
Lay out your columns of circles on the center portion of the fabric. 

Step Four: Attach to the side of the hamper. Wrap the fabric around the hamper and cut off any excess (this will be used for the stick). I used duct tape but if you're going to wear the costume all night, use some hot glue to make sure it stays!!!
Decide how long you'd like your push up stick to be and cut off the end of the fun noodle. Wrap the excess fabric around the fun noodle and secure with duct tape. Hot glue to the front, inside of the hamper.

Buy yourself some push up popsicles to eat and you're good to go!!

XOXO, Karly

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