DIY Ornament Pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!! 
Before you put away your pumpkins until next October, check out this DIY!! I combined two of my favorite holidays to bring you these DIY Ornament Pumpkins!! This idea came to me months ago because honestly Halloween and Christmas are on my mind for most of the year... :)
Read on for the full tutorial!

  • Colorful Fake Pumpkins - I used Krylon Color Master spray paint to paint these pumpkins!
  • Silver Glitter Foam Paper - Preferably the adhesive foam paper!
  • Silver Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue or Clear Tape
Step One: Wrap your pipe cleaner around the top of the pumpkin stem. Cut the pipe cleaner so it's just slightly longer than the circumference of the stem. Lay the pipe cleaner piece on top of the glitter foam paper and cut out a rectangle the same length as the pipe cleaner. Make sure the width of the rectangle is slightly taller than the pumpkin stem!

Step Two: Remove the paper backing off the foam paper and wrap around the pumpkin stem. The foam should adhere to the stem but finish with tape or hot glue so it stays put.
Add the piece of pipe cleaner to the inside of the foam so it sits above like the top of an ornament!

Repeat steps one and two with all of your pumpkins and make yourself a little ornament pumpkin patch!

Do these get you excited for Christmas?!

XOXO, Karly

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