DIY Olsen Twins Detective Costume

Happy Halloween!! 
I'm sharing my official costume for the year - Olsen Twins Detectives!! My BFF and I knew we had to do this costume, and it helps that we look a lot like! Now all we need is a case to crack! ;)
Check out the costume details below... there's still time to create this look before Wednesday!

  • Trench Coat - Ordered from Target
  • Detective Hat Ordered from Amazon
  • Magnifying Glass Ordered from Amazon and optional!
  • Slogan T shirts - This is also optional! We purchased the letters below. Follow the instructions on the packs of letters or follow this iron-on tutorial!

Give us a mystery!!

XOXO, Karly


  1. LOVE this costume! I adored the Olsen twins when I was younger, although I haven't actually seen any of this show before 😯 You two look awesome! ☺️

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