DIY Candy Corn Shoes!

These shoes were made for walking, and that's just what they'll dooooo!!
Would it even be Halloween without a candy corn DIY?! 

  • Nude Pointed Toed Shoes - Leather/Shiny shoes work best
  • Yellow, Orange, and White Spray Paint - I recommend this Krylon ColorMaster Spray paint!
  • Painter's Tape - I prefer to use frogger tape!
  • Paper Towels - You could also use regular paper for this step

Step One: Find a good spot to spray paint - preferably outside or in a well ventilated area. Tape the top section of your shoe - this will be for the white tip. Taking a second piece of tape, place the paper towel over the rest of the shoe to protect it from the white paint. Making sure the tape is flush with the shoes so you get nice, even lines of paint.
Following the directions on your paint can, spray the tip of your shoe with white paint - I used two coats. Let dry at least 30 minutes before continuing onto the next step.

Step Two: Section off an area for the orange paint. Tape over the white part and repeat the paper towel process from step one for the bottom part of the shoe. Paint this section orange and let dry before moving onto step three.

Step Three: Use the paper towel method for the top and bottom of the shoe in order to cleanly paint the bottom section yellow. If any paper towel remnants stick to the paint, use the stick side of the tape to remove them.

And voila!! Your own pair of candy corn shoes!!

This DIY is so easy and fun because now I get to wear these candy corn shoes for the rest of the month!!

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XOXO, Karly

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