Wedding Book of Letters

My Best Friend got married over the weekend and it was PERFECT!!
I'm still on a wedding 'high' that I got to stand up for my bestie of 20 years as she walked down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. She was the most beautiful bride and you could feel the love in the air the entire day.
When she asked me to be in her wedding almost a year ago, I knew I had to give her something special for her wedding gift. Rather than looking at her registry, I decided to put together a book of letters and pictures from the women who've been in her life through everything.
Read on to see how you can make your own book of letters for the bride-to-be in your life!

What You'll Need:
Photo Album - The first thing you need to buy is a photo album. Try to find one that is wedding themed or something in the bride's style. Michaels and Amazon are good places to look! Take note on how big each photo slot will be - typically they are 4" X 6".
Letter to Bride Instructions - Follow the link and feel free to copy these instructions into a word doc. Update for your own book of letters by changing the text highlighted in pink. 
Cards and Envelopes - I purchased off-white cards with matching envelopes from Michaels. The cards were 4" X 5.5" so they fit perfectly in the photo album. I put 3 cards and an instruction sheet in an envelope and passed them out to the bride-to-be's grandma, mom, sister, and best friends, explaining that instructions were in the envelope but to reach out with questions!
Stamps - You may need to have a few stamps on hand if your bride-to-be has besties from out of state. I was able to hand out most of the cards at the bridal shower but I had to mail a few as well!
List of Names - Coordinate with the maid of honor or someone who knows the bride very well to make sure your list is complete. You don't want to miss anyone who might be out of state and unable to attend the wedding festivities! Keep track of which letters you still need throughout this process so you know who to send out reminders to!

For the first page of the album, I included a picture of the bride-to-be and added a little note of congratulations and an explanation of what was in the album!

Below is an example of a page in the book of letters.  If there are out of town family/friends who want to send letters but don't have time to return via mail, you can have them email the letters and add in a blank card in front for uniformity (see 2nd picture below). Also, since so many pictures are taking vertically (not horizontally) you can crop these pictures into a square to fit in the album.

If you have room after the letters, add in some pictures of the bride and her besties! These were all taken from the Scottsdale before the Veil bachelorette party... details here and here!!

I suggest passing out the envelopes and paper when most of the women are around - think bachelorette or bridal shower. Send out a reminder at least a week before your deadline! I recommend gifting this to the bride about 7-10 days before her big day. This way she can enjoy each letter before she's too busy with wedding day activities!!

XOXO, Karly

Comment below if you've ever put together a gift like this!! I wanna know how you did it!

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