DIY Pop it Like it's Hot Popcorn Boxes!

Happy Long Weekend!
How are you spending your bonus day?! Do you prefer a night on the town or a relaxing evening on the couch? If you prefer the latter, this DIY is for you!
Check out my step-by-step tutorial below to learn how you can make your own DIY Pop it Like it's Hot Popcorn Boxes!

  • Plastic Popcorn Boxes - I found these confetti ones in the dollar spot at Target!
  • Letter Stickers - Any color letter stickers will work - just make sure each word will fit on the box!
  • Acrylic Paint - Choose a color that will complement the colors on the popcorn box
  • Paint Brush

Step One: Purchase your supplies and make sure you have enough of each letter! Here is the letter breakdown for the phrase:
E - 1
I - 3
H - 1
K - 1
L - 1
O - 2
P - 2
S - 1
T - 3
Apostrophe - 1 (I used an "I" and cut it in half)

Step Two: Paint over each letter with 2-3 coats of acrylic paint. Let the paint dry between each coat and wait until it's completely dry to remove the letter.

Step Three: Once the paint is dry, remove the letters and stick to the popcorn box. I started with the middle word so that I could evenly space out the phrase.
Continue adding all of the words until it spells POP IT LIKE IT'S HOT!
Add some fresh popcorn and enjoy your movie night! :)

I hope you enjoyed this punny DIY!

XOXO, Karly

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