DIY Snack Tray!!

Hello to all of the Crafters out there!!
This week I participated in a #craftstashchallenge. The purpose of this event was to use up excess craft supplies... guilty!
I don't use paint in my projects very often but somehow I have an entire bin full of every color paint! After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with the idea to create a DIY Snack Tray using a wooden box and a few Oui by Yoplait yogurt pots! Search the hashtag #craftstashchallenge on Instagram to see other fun painting projects and read on to find out how to make your own DIY Snack Tray!! 


  • Wooden Box - I used a drawer organizer from Target! This was a Threshold brand bamboo drawer organizer 2.5" (H) X 6" (W) X 15" (D)
  • Oui by Yopait Yogurt Pots
  • Paint - I used a light pink (called pretty pink) and white Ceramcoat brand acrylic paint - also purchased from Target.
  • Paint Brush
  • Painters Tape - I suggest Frogger tape!
  • Scissors

Step One: Purchase your supplies and get your workstation set up - paper plates for paint, paper towels for painting on, etc. Begin by taping the inside bottom of the box. Make sure the entire bottom is covered but don't let the tape hang over the sides. 

Step Two: Paint the insides of the box as well as the top of each section. If you are using a light color like pink, don't worry if you can still see the wood color after the first coat of paint. I recommend paint over paper towels so you can easily move the box while you are painting. 

Step Three: After you have finished with your first coat of step two, start painting the outside of the box. I found it easiest to hold the center of the box with one hand while painting with the other.
Let dry for 10 minutes before repeating steps two and three. I painted three coats of pink on each side (inside and outside).

Step Four: While you are waiting for the paint to dry, take your Oui by Yoplait pots and consume the yogurt (I recommend, it's delicious!) or put into a separate container.
Remove the labels from the pots and rinse with warm water. I used soap and a sponge to remove the excess glue from the outside. Set these aside to dry.

Step Five: Carefully remove the tape from the bottom of the box. If the paint feels dry to the touch, tape the inside walls with the painters tape. Make sure the tape is pressed firmly down before beginning the next step.

Step Six: Paint the inside of the box white (or whichever color you chose). Because I used white, I had to paint three coats, waiting for it to dry between each.

Step Seven (optional): I debated doing this step but I think the project looks complete with the pots painted!
While you are waiting for the inside of the box to dry, paint the very top of each yogurt pot the same color as the outside of your box. I painted two coats on each. 

Final Step: Fill each container with treats and serve for guests!! 
[Or enjoy a movie night with your favorite candy!!!]

XOXO, Karly

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