DIY Pizza Shoes!!

You've Stolen a Pizza My Heart... 
I have been planning to make a pizza DIY since I started KPApreps and I finally did it!! These pointed toe flats have been my fav pair of shoes for the past few years but I think this DIY made them even better!!
I definitely recommend making yourself a pair if you like Pizza (which I hope you do)!!


  • Pointed Toe Shoes - Flats or heels 
  • Foam Paper - Yellow, Pink, Green (pizza colors)
  • Velcro 
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step One: Trace the toes of your shoes onto the yellow foam paper. Cut out the foam and set on top of your shoes. You may need to cut down slightly to fit over the toe but you don't want them hanging over too much.

Step Two: Cut out your pizza toppings!! Cut out circles out of the pink foam to represent pepperoni. I made three circles per shoe. Draw and cut out little shapes out of the green foam (like below) for the peppers!

Step Three: Place the foam pizza toppings onto the yellow foam pizza and decide how you want them arranged. Adhere to the yellow foam with hot glue (make sure they are secure since you'll be moving these around while you walk).

Step Four: Cut out four pieces of equal size Velcro from the two types. Stick two pieces of Velcro to the toes of each shoe (use the same type of Velcro on each shoe). Attach the opposite pieces of Velcro on top of these pieces. Remove the sticky backing and adhere your pieces slices on top!
Voila! Now you've got pizza shoes of your very own!!

Prepare to be the envy of EVERYONE!!

You want a pizza me?
Slice Slice Baby....

Okay enough with the PIZZA PUNS! I hope you enjoyed this DIY! 

Now what kind of pizza should I order for dinner...?

XOXO, Karly

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