Jumbo Slumbo - 4th Annual BFF Sleepover!

When do balloons, wine, and Mary-Kate and Ashley all come together?!
At an Adult Sleepover!!
This was my 4th year hosting the Annual Jumbo Slumbo with my best friends in the whole world! 
It's the perfect excuse for a carefree night with girlfriends. Read on for tips on how to throw your own bff sleepover!!
Decide on a vision for your night that will wow your guests! I wanted this night to feel especially girlie so I picked a color combo that would do the trick. Pink, Purple, and White were my focuses while planning this party. I found these super cute cups from Michaels to be filled with champagne (or pink lemonade)!

Once you've decided on your theme, decorate accordingly! Colorful balloons, crepe paper, and banners all make for inexpensive but fun party decor! I bought pink and purple balloons and scattered them around the room. No need for helium to pull this party off!

One thing I love most about this event is the tradition of it. I've hosted the jumbo slumbo every spring since we graduated college. The topics of discussion may mature every year but one thing remains the same: we must watch a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie! There are so many good ones to choose from but it's hard not to stick with the classic Mary-Kate and Ashley's Sleepover Party!!

Click here to check out last year's party for even more ideas including a free chick flicks printable!!

XOXO, Karly

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