How to Plan a Destination Bachelorette Party

Welcome to Scottsdale before the Veil!
Today, I'm sharing my tips for a successful destination bachelorette party!!

A little background on the bride-to-be: My BFF since 3rd grade, Bridget {AKA dear blog from bridget} is getting married in June! When she picked Scottsdale, AZ as the destination for her bachelorette party, we got to work on all of the party details! Read on for a timeline for planning a successful event as well as some decor ideas!

Destination Bachelorette Timeline:

* As early as possible *
Choose a Location: Do your research and pick somewhere the bride has always wanted to go. Start this as early as possible. Look up plane tickets and make sure the location is affordable for the group. Bridget picked Scottsdale, AZ which was a short drive from a major airport!
*5 months before party * 
Pick a Date! Based on your location, pick a date. A trip to AZ in the middle on February was PERFECT for the group from Minnesota.
Get a Head Count for the Trip: Ask the bride-to-be for her dream guest list. Send out an email or group message to ask who is planning to come on the trip. Include details of estimated airfare, where you'll stay - hotel, airbnb, etc - and a day you need responses by.
*4 months before party* 
Choose Where You'll Stay: Once you have a headcount, find your perfect spot to stay. We had a group of 19 (!) so our best bet was to find an airbnb with space for everyone. You will want to do your research and book a location a few months ahead of time. 
Book Plane Tickets & AirBnB: Now that you have confirmation from your guests, book your airbnb! Read the fine print before submitting - you won't want any surprises when you arrive.
* 3 months before party *
Ask for Confirmation & Flight Info: Put together a spreadsheet with flight info to keep track of how many are coming. Send this out to the group a few days before the party so each guest can know who they are traveling with.
* 2 months before party *
Decide on a Theme! Ask the bride if she has a theme preference. If she doesn't have something in mind, search Pinterest and find a fun theme that fits with the location. Since we went to Scottsdale, our theme was Scottsdale before the Veil! To pull off the party, we ordered flamingo and cactus decor. I think it's important to include some personalized decor in with the theme for the guest of honor! Click here to check out some of my most fun theme ideas!
Order Decor: In my experience, something that's always a hit with the guests are bachelorette welcome bags! Even if it's just a special pineapple cup for each girl, everyone enjoys a little something extra. Hopefully you can ship the decor items ahead of time, otherwise plan to check a bag. Don't forget scissors and tape!
Create on a Tentative Itinerary: It's a good idea to come up with some type of plan for the trip. Will you eat most dinners in or go to restaurants in town?  Is it important to the bride that you color coordinate outfits for nights out? Decide what the weekend is going to look like and communicate with everyone coming. They don't need to know every detail but will need to know if a black dress or hiking clothes are required!!
Make Reservations: Depending on how big your party is, I would recommend calling restaurants several weeks ahead of time to see if they can accommodate your group. If they'll take your reservation this far ahead of time, great - if not, don't forget to call back!
* 1 month before party *
Create a Menu for Weekend: Ask the guests if they have any food allergies.  Decide if you will be picking up the food/drinks on your own or using a delivery service. Don't forget to communicate with everyone how you will be paying. Are the bridesmaids taking care of the food costs or will you split it down the middle with everyone?
* 1 week before party *
Send out Reminders! What special items do guests need to bring - an LBD? Hiking clothes?  A gift?
Include the flights with this email so everyone can coordinate their rides to and from the airport!
* DAY OF *
Have a Blast!! Now it's time for you to enjoy the party! All of your hard work and organization is paying off. Let everyone know who is "in charge" so that they come to you with questions instead of the guest of honor. Enjoy the party!

A few tips:
  • Don't stress if your weekend doesn't go *exactly* according to plan. Other factors like weather may change your schedule and you'll just have to go with the flow when something like that happens. Be flexible and make sure to check that the bride is enjoying herself!
  • Make sure everyone is well fed!! A hangry guest is never good. Let the group know which food is up for grabs and which food you're saving for meals!
  • Read the crowd. If you have a game planned but it seems like everyone would rather sit by the pool, go with the flow!
  • Take lots of pictures - especially with the guest of honor!! 

I hope these tips help you the next time you plan a bachelorette party!!

Click below for a PDF of my bachelorette timeline!!

printable timeline *

XOXO, Karly


  1. Obsessed with how everything came together. You have such a great eye for detail and planning skills are on point! Thank you for making it everything and more. XOXO

    1. Aww thanks Bridget. That makes me so happy to hear!! I'm so happy I could help plan your bachelorette! <3

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