DIY Colorblock Bunny Easter Eggs

Hoppy Easter!! 
What's Easter without an Easter egg hunt?! What is your favorite kind of candy to find in one of these eggs? I think mine is the mini Twix!
 Want to learn how to make these DIY Colorblock Bunny Easter Eggs? You do not need to be able to draw a bunny to make them!

  • Plastic Easter Eggs - I found these ones at Walgreens! 
  • Colorful Spray Paint - I bought these mini spray paints at Target! The gloss kind works best.
  • Bunny Stickers! - I found these foam bunny stickers in the Easter section at Michaels.

Step One: Place the bunny stickers onto the Easter eggs. Press down the stickers firmly before spray painting the eggs.

Step Two: Once all stickers are on the eggs, set up your spray painting station. I set up newspaper and put bunches of eggs on top of paper bags so I could use more than one color spray paint. After spray painting the eggs with the coral color, I moved the bag and started painting with blue. I recommend doing two coats and letting dry completely for an hour.

Step Three: Once the paint is dry, remove the bunny stickers. Rearrange the eggs so each has a top and bottom. 

Fill with candy and enjoy your colorful bunny eggs!!

XOXO, Karly

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