DIY Donut Earmuffs!!

Donut Worry, Be Happy!
This one's for all of you who are surviving a snowy winter!!
As a Minnesotan who wears my hair up through most of the winter, I pretty much live in earmuffs! I've been trying to add some color into my winter wardrobe but realized all of my earmuffs are neutral colors. I had the idea to turn a pair into donuts and I am so happy with how they turned out!! 
Follow the tutorial below to find out how to make your own pair!!

  • Earmuffs - I found these at Ragstock for $2! These ones worked really well because they are flat! I've also seen a lot of inexpensive earmuffs at Target and Kohls.
  • Colored Foam - I purchased this foam paper from Michaels. Make sure to buy enough for a base donut color, frosting, and sprinkles!
  • Colored Yarn - I found yarn at Michaels that matches the color of the blue donut sprinkles!
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step One: Purchase your supplies and decide what color the base of your donut and frosting color are going to be - I chose white and light pink. Trace the earmuffs onto the white foam and cut out. Trace the two cutouts onto the donut frosting foam and cut out.

Step Two: Cut out small circles out of your donut base foam. Take the foam frosting circles and cut out into a flower shape like below.

Step Three: Hot glue the foam donut pieces together. Make sure the frosting piece is cut how you want it before you glue to the base.

Step Four: Take your leftover foam that you'll be using and cut out thin strips of each color. Cut into small rectangles to be used as sprinkles. Carefully glue these sprinkles onto the foam donut frosting.

Step Five: Take the yarn and hot glue it to the inside headband of your earmuffs. Start wrapping the yarn around the headband part, ensuring that you are completely covering the original color. Periodically use a dot of glue on the inside headband to keep yard from unraveling. After you have wrapped the entire headband, secure the yarn by gluing it to the inside of the headband.

Aren't these fun?!

These are seriously the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe!! 
If you feel the same, you should definitely make your own pair! :)

Stay Warm!!

XOXO, Karly

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