DIY Clear Drink Sign!!

If you read my latest post, you know that I am coming down from a bachelorette weekend high! One of my besties is getting married this summer so we celebrated her last few moments as a single gal in Scottsdale, AZ! I was in charge of decor for our cactus and flamingo themed soiree and made a bunch of DIYs, starting with this DIY drink sign! It was so easy to make I made a welcome sign to go with the bachelorette welcome bags!!


Step One: Purchase your supplies and edit the free printables! Click here and here and open the PDFs as Word Documents. If you are changing the wording - I downloaded three fonts from Lemonade Stand, Stay Wildly, and The Hills. I recommend printing in black and white so it's easier to write over with the colored markers. Email me or comment below with any questions on this step!!

Step Two: Cut out your printables and put into the clear frames, as you would a picture. Flip over to the front to see how the text will fit in the frame. Add a piece of tape to the back so that the paper doesn't move while you're writing.

Step Three: Decide the color order that you want to write in. Start writing in the top left and work your way down the page to avoid any smears. The marker dried in a few minutes but I recommend waiting at least 15 minutes to do a second coat (if you choose to). I did two coats!

Step Four: Finish writing and wait 20 minutes for the paint to dry. Remove the paper from the back of the frame and you're done!! 
Wasn't this way easier than it looked?!

 Happy Party Planning!

XOXO, Karly

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