2017 Wrap up!!

Happy 2018!!
I'm finally sharing a wrap up of my first blogger year and highlighting some of my favorite moments!! Read on if you want to see what my top posts were of 2017 and get a sneak peek of some upcoming projects!!

1. I Started a Blog!! I had been planning to start KPApreps when I first came up with the name back in 2014. KPA is my monogram (Karly A. Pratt) and I added the preps to the name so that I could incorporate both crafts and party prep. Couldn't be more excited that my dream is finally a reality!!
2. I Bought a Townhouse! This was a huge moment for me and something that was in the works for over a year! I lived with two wonderful roommates prior to this (mom & dad) but couldn't be happier that I made one of my biggest "adult decisions" to date.
3. I Took a New Job! As you may know, my full time position could not be more different than my blog - I'm a corporate accountant at a software company. When I'm not using paint & pom poms, I'm busy writing formulas and formatting spreadsheets. I love my new full time job (started at the company in July). We had one day dedicated to sharing everyone's hobbies outside of work and even had professional photos taken. So yes, the picture of me in the ice cream t-shirt is hanging in the hallway at my office. :)

1. Meeting SO MANY Amazing Bloggers!! I've felt so welcomed into the blogger community and have made so many friends. It has been a blast seeing everyone's creative side and feeling the support from so many talented people. I even participated in a secret Santa with some lovely ladies I met last fall!!
2. Learning that Using Creativity Doesn't Take it Away! Okay, this one might seem obvious but one of the reasons it took me 3 years to start this blog is because I thought I would start running out of ideas once I posted my DIYs. This is SO not the case. I become much more creative with each project I make! :)    
3. Receiving Feedback from all Around the World! It has been so fun to not only meet other bloggers but to hear about the differences living across the pond. This was especially fun when I was posting my Halloween costumes (all candy related, obvi) and realized that not everyone has experienced candy corn! 

Links to My Most Popular 2017 Posts!!

Thank you SOOOOOO much to everyone for their support in 2017!! I'm looking forward to hearing from more of you in the new year - I really think you'll like what's to come.

2018 Preview:

  • Printable Valentine's Day Cards
  • DIY House Decor 
  • Bachelorette Party Printables
  • Wearable DIYs

  • XOXO, Karly

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