DIY Ornament Beret!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 
{in Minnesota}! 
It's the middle of December and we're finally seeing some snow on the ground!!  There's just something about a white Christmas that makes me especially jolly! 

I made a super fun and cheerful DIY Ornament Beret that I will be rocking all season long!! You can make your own in five quick steps so check out the tutorial below, if you're feeling festive!! :)

  • Beret - I found this one at H&M! 
  • Solid Colored Foam Paper - Purchased from Michaels
  • Glittery Foam Paper - Purchased from Michaels (preferably one with a sticky side)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step One: Trace the outline of your beret onto the solid colored foam paper. Try to trace the line a little wider than the actual brim of the hat. Cut out the circle and place on top of the beret. Trim the circle down to match the size of that hat, as you see fit.  

Step Two: Cut out the ornament stripes by measuring one inch strips of the glitter foam paper. Place where you'd like your striped to be, keeping in mind you will be adding an ornament top at the very end. If your glitter foam paper has a sticky side on the back, peel off the paper and adhere to the front of the circle. If your glitter foam paper does not have a sticky side, hot glue these onto your circle to make stripes - I just eyeballed the distance between each strip of paper. Cut off the excess glitter foam paper that's hanging over your circle.

Step Three: Cut out the top of the ornament. Depending on the size of your circle, you may want to make yours  smaller or bigger than mine. I measured and drew a rectangle about 2 inch X 5 inch on the back of the glitter foam paper. Then, I drew a semi-circle (actually like a semi-oval) to represent the very top of the ornament. Cut this out and push your scissors through the center of the oval so that you can cut out the inside to make it look more like the top of the ornament. 

Step Four: Adhere your ornament top to the top of the circle. Please note, if you are removing the paper backing of the glitter foam to do this, only remove the very bottom portion that will stick to the circle. If you remove the entire backing, you will have a sticky mess (AKA your hair might get stuck to the exposed back of the glitter paper!!

Step Five: Using your hot glue gun, adhere the foam ornament to the back of your beret!! Have the ornament ready to place onto the beret, as hot glue dries quickly. Let the glue dry before trying on your new beret!! 
Add any additional glue to the edges, as needed.

I hope you had as much fun making your own DIY Ornament Beret as I had creating this project!! 

While you're here, check out my other DIY Holiday Crafts and have yourself a Merry Little (Creative) Christmas!!

Use the Hashtag #kpapreps to share your photos! I'd love to see which color ornament berets you make!!

XOXO, Karly

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