DIY 2018 Happy Notes!!

The last couple of days of 2017 are upon us!
Can you believe it?!
I hope everyone is ready and excited for the new year!! Today's DIY is super simple and is a project I made last year on the first day of the year and will use until NYE of 2018!

I received this idea from a friend last year and I absolutely loved it so I decided to do this for 2017. I wanted to share this with everyone for the new year! It's a wonderful way to put a smile on your face each day and to find the good in the world!
All you'll need for this project is some colorful strips of paper, a jar/glass/bowl (something to hold the paper in) and a pen or marker.
Step One: Cut out 375 pieces of colorful paper - Yes, I know there are 365 days in the year but you will want a few extra pieces just in case.
Step Two: Find some type of jar or bowl that is big enough to hold 365 pieces of paper!
Step Three: Start on January 1st by writing one thing that made you smile that day! It can be something big (like a new job, new house, wedding, etc or something as small as a text you received from an old friend).
Write a note at the end of each day of 2018. Even if you don't have the best day, try to find one bright thing that happened to you that day! But... if you miss a few days, don't sweat it! It's better to end the year with 350 notes than with zero so keep writing those notes!! 
I can't tell you how excited I am to read through all of my notes from 2017!

XOXO, Karly

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