DIY Chalkboard Banner!

Hello Holiday DIY-ers!!
Today I am sharing my first Thanksgiving DIY project which also happens to be my first ever BLOGGER COLLABORATION!! 
I created KPApreps in February of this year and throughout the process, I have met so many other amazing bloggers. Andrew from was one of my first DIY friends, so when he suggested creating a Thanksgiving project that incorporated both of our creative skills, I was all in!
We wanted to make something that was decorative but could also be used again and again for other holidays and events [rather than being put into a box not to be seen again until next November] and thus, the chalkboard banner was born!!
This banner is perfect for any occasion and looks great hung by the mantel, over any food/drink table, or as wall decor that can be kept up all year! 
Now to come up with that perfect phrase....

  • Chalkboard Banner - See how to make chalkboard pieces in this chalkboard banner tutorial by Recharge Workshop
  • Foam Letters - These can be purchased at any craft store! Any color will work but I suggest avoiding black as it may be hard to see against the chalkboard background
  • Chalkboard Marker - I chose a white marker with a thick writing tip. Make sure your marker says 'chalk' so you can erase and reuse the banner again!
  • Ribbon - I used hot pink ribbon!
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape

Step One: Purchase (and create) your supplies and decide what phrase you want displayed above your mantel (or snack table at your Thanksgiving gathering)! Before you start tracing the letters, lay them out to make sure you have enough of each letter.

Step Two: Place your first letter in the middle of a chalkboard piece. With one hand, hold the letter in place while tracing with the chalk marker. Trace the entire letter and set aside. Do not worry if you make a mistake as this can be wiped clean with a damp paper towel.
Repeat with each letter on separate chalkboard pieces.

Step Three: Now that each letter has had time to dry, trace over the white to make thicker block letters. You may have to shake your marker in between uses!

Step Four: Take a piece of clear tape and wrap around the tip of the ribbon. This will make it easier to feed through the banner holes. 
Unroll the ribbon so you have a couple of yards to work with. Start by feeding the ribbon through the top left hole of the first letter. Pull through and feed through the second hole of the same letter. I chose not to show the ribbon by feeding it through the back of the banner but it's up to you how you do this.
Repeat this step with each letter, making sure to leave enough ribbon on each side to hang. 

Step Five: Before you start this next step, you will need to decide how you want your banner to hang - do you want it to be a straight line or in a semi-circle, like in my photos? This may change how much space you have between each letter. Adjust accordingly so that there is equal amounts of ribbon between each.

To attach each pom pom to the ribbon, cut small pieces of clear tape and adhere each to the back of the ribbon. Attach the pom poms by sticking them on top of the tape. 
*Note: the clear tape will not hold your pom poms as well as other methods so if you plan to keep this banner up for an entire season, you may want to use hot glue or super glue to attach the pom poms!! I chose the tape method so that I can reuse the ribbon for another banner :)

Step Six: Cut each end of the ribbon and hang with clear tape!! 

P.S. My first attempt at this project did not include pom poms but I just felt like something was missing! LOL :D

I hope you enjoyed creating this DIY project!! 
I had so much fun working with Andrew from Recharge Workshop. If you liked his chalkboard tutorial, you should definitely check out his other projects by visiting!!

  Don't forget to use the hashtag #KPApreps to share your DIY holiday banners!!

  XOXO, Karly

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  1. I love that you used a chalk marker. I am all for using chalkboards and have painted many surfaces in our last home in chalkboard paint so that we could make shopping lists, leave notes, and attempt artistic expression. But we never used them! Seriously, almost never touched them because the chalk dust was so annoying. The markers are so much better!

    Also... using the foam letters as stencils worked so well. I think the block letters look great. Really nice job, Karly.