DIY Peach Ring Candy Costume

Happy Thursday (before Friday the 13th) Muahahaha!
I was going to wait to share this project until tomorrow but I'm just too excited!
I made a DIY peach rings costume!!
This was my favorite candy throughout college and my roommate and I would buy bags of them every time we'd make a grocery run. Needless to say, this costume made me feel very nostalgic and hungry for peach rings! 

  • Orange Duct Tape
  • Yellow Duct Tape
  • Pool Noodles - Any color. The regular size work best (see picture below)
  • Scissors - Sharp scissors work best with duct tape
  • Yellow or Orange T-Shirt

Step One: Start wrapping one of the pool noodles with duct tape. I recommend starting near the end of the noodle. Also, it works better to cut strips of tape approx 12". The tape tends to stick to itself if you try to work with longer strips.  

Step Two: Continue wrapping the noodle until you get to the end. Hold the two ends together with one hand and wrap the tape around with the other. Go over this section once more to ensure it's secure.

Step Three: Once half the noodle is covered, start wrapping with the other color tape. Once the entire noodle is wrapped, look for any areas where the original noodle color is showing and add tape.
Repeat steps with additional noodles for more peach rings!!
Throw on a yellow or orange shirt and you're ready for any costume party this Halloween!

I hope this costume satisfies your sweet tooth!!
Don't forget to bring some real peach rings with you while wearing this costume and you'll quickly become everyone's best friend on Halloween!!

XOXO, Karly

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