DIY Minnie Mouse Ears

Hello to all of the Disney fans out there! This Halloween costume is for you!
Did you know you can make your own Mickey/Minnie ears in just a few easy steps?! 
I made these ears for one of my BFFs who is currently in Disney World (lucky duck!) but realized while making them that they're perfect for a last minute costume party!
Check out the tutorial below and let your inner Minnie Mouse out! Who knows, maybe you'll meet your Mickey that night!

  • Glitter Foam Paper - Purchased from Michaels. This can be the sticky or regular foam
  • Thick, White Foam Paper - This can also be purchased from Michaels and will be much thicker than the regular foam paper
  • Felt Paper - This will be used for the bow so pick a color that compliments the glitter foam. Also purchased from Michaels!
  • Headband - Thin headbands work best
  • Large Coffee Mug - This will be used for the ears 
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step One: Choose a coffee cup the size of the ears that you want. Trace onto the thick white foam paper, making two separate circles. Cut out the two circles and place the headband over the bottom portion of the circle and trace an outline with your pencil. You need to do this so the ears can rest on the headband. Cut these out so they look like the shapes in the picture below.

Step Two: Flip your glitter foam paper so the back is facing up. Take your white foam ears and trace these onto the glitter foam. Cut out the shapes but leave about 1/4 inch around so the glitter shapes will be slightly larger than the white. 
Set these shapes aside.

Step Three: Take your piece of felt and fold over about two inches from the left. Cut a straight line using the outside edge as a guide. Decide how big you want your bow to be and cut down to size. You will also need to cut a thin (about 1 inch wide) strip to be wrapped around the bow.

Step Four: Using your hot glue gun, shape your piece rectangular felt and shape into a bow. Wrap the thing piece of felt around the bow and secure with glue.
To finish off the bow, slightly round the edges with your scissors.

Step Five: Glue the glitter foam (glitter side up) on top of the white foam with hot glue. and hold for a few seconds. Be sure to match up the cutouts evenly. 
Repeat with second ear.

Step Six: Attach the ears to the headband with hot glue. Make sure to test where both ears will sit before you start gluing. I found it easier to glue the foam edge and then attach to the headband.

Step Seven: Attach the bow to the center of the headband by adding a dot of glue to the headband and positioning the bow in place. Then, add a little glue to the front of the ears, under where the bow will sit, and hold to secure.

How did your Minnie ears turn out?!
Did you go with rose gold, too?

I hope you enjoyed this project and are ready to rock your new ears on Halloween night!!

XOXO, Karly

P.S. Don't forget to use the hashtag #kpapreps if you post your costume!

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