DIY XO Gossip Girl T-Shirt

Any Gossip Girl fans out there?! 
One week from today will be the 10 year anniversary of the series premiere! It's been a decade since Blair and Serena graced the small screen... how is that even possible?! Can you imagine a day without Queen B and her catch phrases?
[Scroll down for a few of my favorites]
I made an XO pocket tee to wear while I re-watch all six seasons of the series (for the 10th time) because I just can't look at a macaron without thinking of my favorite Upper East Side-rs!
If you are as big a fan as I am, check out the super easy tutorial below because really, is there a better show out there?!  
  • Pocket T-Shirt - I found mine for $10 at H&M. Old Navy also sells cheap pocket t-shirts.
  • Pipe Cleaners - Purchased a pack of regular size in pink from Michaels 
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Thin Piece of Cardboard - You will need this to put under the pocket while hot gluing

Step One: Fold one of your pipe cleaners in half and cut at the middle. With each half, fold in half again and set aside. These will be for the X.

Step Two: Take the second pipe cleaner, fold in half and set aside. With the two halves for the X, roll each together 3 times so that they stick together when glued. Roll the ends of each side together by tightly rolling the wire where the two ends meet. Repeat with your other pipe cleaner and roll into the shape of an O. Connect the ends of the O by rolling the wire together tight.

Step Three: Cut your cardboard to fit inside the pocket - this is to prevent the glue from going through the shirt.
Take one of the rolled X pipe cleaners and hot glue it to the pocket by making a thin line of glue for the left side of the letter. Hold firmly for 10 seconds and be careful not to touch the glue! Repeat this step with the other side to make a complete X.

Step Four: Set the O next to the X and hot glue in sections. I recommend lifting the left side up first and gluing it to the shirt before gluing the right side. This is easier because the glue dries so quickly and you want to make sure the letters are even.

I hope you had fun making your own XO t-shirt! I love how this turned out!
As promised, below are a few of my favorite GG quotes: 

"Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop." - Blair
"I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination." - Blair
"B, what are you doing? Cinderella did not Google Prince Charming." - Serena
"If you're going to be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris." - Blair

Comment below with your favorites! :)

XOXO, Gossip Girl

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