DIY Swedish Fish Necklace

Hello DIY Darlings!
I am currently writing this from Stockholm, Sweden! I decided to take a little European trip to end the summer and I couldn't be more happy that I did! The weather here is beautiful I have so many fun tourist activities planned.
I wanted to make a fun DIY project before I left and decided to make something I could wear during my trip, inspired by my favorite candy!
If you want to make your own Swedish Fish Necklace, see below for the super easy tutorial!
  • Clay - I used FIMO clay (from Michaels) in Red for a traditional Swedish fish
  • Chain
  • Swedish Fish Template
  • X-acto Knife - A regular knife will also work
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Parchment Paper

Step One: Print off and cut out the free Swedish Fish TemplateTake 1/4 of your clay and warm to room temperature in your hands. Roll into a ball.

Step Two: Flatten your clay so that the template fits on top.  Using your knife, cut around the template and make sure you are cutting all the way through the clay. Pull the clay away from the template and remove any excess with your knife.

Step Three: Using your knife, lightly press into the fin and the tail of fish, being careful not to cut the entire way through the clay. Take your toothpick and press into the top left of the clay to make a circle for the eye but do not go all the way through the clay.
Make a hole through the clay in the center of the fin for the chain to connect. Make sure your hole is wide enough for the chain. 

Step Four: Place your Swedish Fish on parchment paper and bake per the directions on your clay package. I baked these for 25 minutes at 230 degrees!
Let your fish cool for 10 minutes before you attach the chain.

Enjoy your candy necklace and don't forget to bring it in your suitcase if you ever find yourself in Sweden! :)

XOXO, Karly

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