What's in My Bag: Golf Edition

Are there any golfers out there?!
I haven't done too many golf DIYs but as an avid fan of the game, I decided to focus on a fun area of the game: tournaments!
I've participated in a few and attended a ton - both amateur and professional.
I reached out to my college golf team and came up with a list of the best items for spectators to bring to a golf tournament!

While attending a golf tournament, I always have a full bottle of water with me. You could be walking up to 4 miles in a single round of golf! As far as food, I'll bring a granola bar with me or something easy to carry but filling enough that I don't become hangry on the golf course! 
Note: some professional tournaments will not allow outside food so check their website before you go!

Always check the weather before a golf tournament! Depending on the golf course, your only protection from the hot sun, rain, or wind may be the trees! Don't forget the sunscreen and a hat on a hot day and mittens on a cold day! P.S. Have you seen the new portable fans that you plug into your phone?! I'm obsessed.

Always bring a fully charged phone with you and a portable charger, if you have one! Golf tournaments can last an entire day and at a professional event, it's not hard to lose sight of the people you came with when there are thousands of people dressed the same. Ryder Cup, anyone?! I also suggest bringing a permanent marker with you, just in case you're lucky enough to score an autograph from one of the pros!!

Okay, those are my tips for what to bring to a golf tournament! I will definitely be following my own advice at the Solheim Cup this weekend! Anyone else going to be there?!

XOXO, Karly

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