Tropical Pool Party

Aloha DIY Darlings!!
I am SO excited to share with you the details of my tropical pool party!
I hosted the third annual pool party for some of my very best college friends on Sunday! This is the one time a year that I see some of these ladies so I always go big with this party! :)
Below are tips and tricks on how to throw your own DIY tropical party this summer!! 

Food & Drink

In order to have a successful party, your guests must be hydrated and not hangry! This is especially true at a tropical themed party where the food and drinks can be incorporated into the decor!

To fit with the tropical theme, I chose between piƱa coladas and vodka lemonades. Ultimately, I went with the vodka lemonades because I didn't want to hang out by the blender all day and the pink matched the color theme perfectly!
Speaking of the pink and green tropical colors, I tried to find little ways to incorporate the party theme so I used green cups and pink straws along with cute little flamingo drink umbrellas!
Trust me, people noticed the details!

As far as food goes, I always try to mix in a few healthy snacks with the snacks people really want (chips, twizzlers, sour patch watermelons). I took a trip to Michaels and found an amazing pineapple bowl which I filled with watermelon. I also found matching pink and green plates/napkins!
P.S. I made THESE palm leaf cutouts to scatter around the party tables!

Party Decor

Since this was a pool party, I was able to use floaties as part of the decor!
Yes, that is an inflatable swan/drink holder!
Also.... balloons in the pool for the win!
Just a tip for using balloons in the heat, these lasted less than 24 hours so plan accordingly!!

Ask for Help

Find a friend (or boyfriend!) to help you set up - even if it's just for the last minute details!
Having someone there while you prepare for your party makes the party prep time much less stressful! You can also ask that person to greet guests if while you are finishing setting up those last few items!
[Seriously - huge shout out to this guy for taking party pictures while I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off!!]

Have Fun!

Don't get too overwhelmed with details that you forget to enjoy yourself!
But really, how could you not enjoy a tropical themed party! Hopefully you can find somewhere with a refreshing body of water to host your party! :)

Overall, this party was a huge success! 
I mean, look how cute my friends look! ;)

I hope you are able to use these tips to host your own tropical themed party this summer!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #KPApreps if you post pictures!!

XOXO, Karly


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I've never been to a pool party, not in England anyway, but I would love to have one if I ever have a house with a pool!! ha

    S x

    1. Aww thanks!
      I hope you make it to one sometime this summer!! Pool parties are a blast! :)

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