DIY Polka Dot Sneakers

Happy Sunday, DIY Darlings!!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
I am loving the new white sneaker shoe trend! I can finally be fashionable and comfortable. :)
I jazzed up my current pair with cute polka dots and pom poms! Check out the step-by-step DIY below to make yourself a pair!

  • White Canvas Sneakers - These are currently $5 at Michaels!
  • Black Paint Pen - I used a medium tip marker!
  • Paper Reinforcer Stickers
  • 4 Black Pom Poms - Medium sized!
  • Black Thread & Needle

Step One: Remove the laces from your sneakers and set aside. Decide how you would like your polka dots spaced and start sticking the paper reinforcers to the outside of your shoes. Make to adhere them well so that the paint pen will not bleed under the reinforcer.

Step Two: Follow the directions on your paint pen to get it ready for use. Completely fill in each circle with paint pen. You may need to shake the pen between shoes if it seems your paint is running low.

Step Three: Remove the paper reinforcers. If you find any spots that need to be filled in, use a new sticker to do so.
Re-lace the shoes before the next step!

Step Four: If you would like pom poms at the end of your laces, follow these next two steps. If not, you are done making your sneakers!
Thread your needle through the middle of one of the pom poms and through the bottom of one of the laces (see picture below). Hold the plastic part down and wrap the thread around to secure in place. After pulling the thread through the lace about four times, tie a double knot. Repeat with the other three ends of the laces.

 I hope you liked this simple DIY and enjoyed making your own sneakers, perfect with any outfit!

XOXO, Karly

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