DIY Pocket T-Shirt

Happy (almost) Fourth of July!
I know it's only the 3rd but I have been feeling very patriotic all month!
I love dressing up for all holidays but I especially enjoy wearing my red, white, and blue! :)
I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and this anchor fabric caught my eye! I made this pocket t-shirt in 30 minutes and love how it turned out! I will definitely be making more!!

  • T-Shirt or Tank Top - I purchased this tank at H&M! You can buy a shirt with a pocket to cover with fabric
  • 1/4 Inch Fabric - You will not need this much fabric but it's always a good idea to have extra! This specific fabric was from Hobby Lobby!
  • Needle & Thread - Choose matching thread to your t-shirt color for a finished look!
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Sewing Pins

Step One: Print off THIS template and place on top of your fabric. Trace around the rectangle and cut out.
Print off THIS second template and cut out. This will be the finished size of your pocket.

Step Two: Place the smaller template on the bottom of the fabric towards the bottom. Fold over the fabric to cover the template.
*optional - iron the folds.  

Step Three: Pin the fabric around the template and remove the template. Sew the top straight across and cut the excess thread. Sew a second line for a professional look!  
I used a sewing machine to save time but you could definitely hand sew for this project!

Step Four: Use your ruler to make your pocket straight and in the spot you want your pocket. I sewed my pocket on the left side of the shirt about an inch to the left of center. Pin the pocket to the t-shirt and sew one line around the square!

This pocket t-shirt is perfect for the Fourth of July! 
There are so many fun fabrics you could choose to match your favorite holiday or make a pocket for everyday wear!!
I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY project!

XOXO, Karly

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