DIY BSB Temporary Tattoos

Hello DIY Darlings!!
In case you missed my last post, you should probably know that I am obsessed with the Backstreet Boys!! 
**Don't worry, the tattoo is temporary!**
My best friends and I are seeing the Boys live in concert this weekend so I am going all out for the occasion [see BSB Sunglasses].
You may be thinking that this is a bit overboard but it wouldn't be the first time! LOL.
There's still time to print off your own Backstreet Boys temporary tattoos - check out the instructions below!


Step One: Following the directions on your tattoo paper, print off the free BSB tattoo printable. Make sure to let the ink dry completely before you cover with the adhesive paper (this will be explained in your temporary tattoo paper directions). 
I waited 20 minutes, just to be safe!

Step Two: Cut out the temporary tattoo that you are going to use. For best results, cut as close to the ink as possible! 

Step Three: Think back to your childhood years and follow the directions to applying temporary tattoos!
Peel off the adhesive paper, place ink side down on a dry patch of skin, hold the wet washcloth over the top for 20 seconds!

Did you enjoy this printable?!
This is definitely one of my favorite projects that I've done and I hope to see a ton of Backstreet Boys temporary tattoos at the concert this weekend!!

XOXO, Karly


  1. So cute tattoos
    New post:

    1. Thank you!! I was so excited to find out that they sell temporary tattoo paper! :D


  2. This is such a cute idea!

    xx Nicole

    1. Aww thanks Nicole!!
      Glad you think so!! :)


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