DIY Striped Flip Flops

Hello DIY-ers!!
So the 90 degree forecast for the weekend was only half right... Saturday was a perfect pool day but Sunday, not so much. 
This gave me plenty of time to craft indoors while it stormed outside! However, it also means that I could only create projects with what I already had at my house [not about to drive to Michaels in a storm]! Look for some acrylic paint DIY projects coming up in the next few weeks!

I made these flip flops in less than an hour and they happen to match my favorite pair of shorts so I will most likely be wearing these babies every day this month!! :D

P.S. These would make an awesome gift for any friends heading to college this fall! Use their school colors for extra special personalization!

White Flip Flops - I purchased these from Old Navy! Is there really any other place to buy flip flops?!
Acrylic Paint - I chose two colors and left the third stripe white.
Paint Sponge 
Painters Tape - 
Painting Supplies - Newspaper, paper towels, plate/bowl for paint

Step One: Purchase your supplies and decide how thick you want your stripes to be (both colored and white). Cut even sized strips of tape to wrap around the flip flops. I wanted thicker colored stripes than white so I placed the tape about 3/4 inch apart.
Wrap your tape around the thong of each flip flop by holding each piece of tape evenly above the front and wrapping around the back.

Step Two: Set up your painting station with a plate for painting, newspaper, paper towels, etc. To prevent drips onto the sole of your shoe, place a paper towel under the thong part of the sandal. I painted each color separately and began with the blue. If you want your flip flops to be symmetrical, I recommend starting at the top of the shoe - the point where the two sides meet.
Let your first color of paint dry for 5 minutes and repeat with second coat (if needed). Repeat steps above with second color!

Step Three: Let your flip flops dry for 20 minutes before removing tape. Carefully remove tape and touch up any lines with your excess paint. 

I hope you had fun making your own personalized flip flops!! 
You can match these to your favorite item so you will be in style all summer long!

As always, use the Hashtag #KPApreps and comment below with any questions!!

XOXO, Karly

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