DIY Stamped Sneakers

Hello DIY-ers!
I hope everyone had a good weekend! It's safe to say I have been enjoying these past few days in Bonita Springs, FL with constant sun and palm trees!
I made these colorful shoes for my trip and they have held up SO well!! I love how simple they were to make and how perfect they are for summer!
I originally tried to make gold stamped shoes with a big pineapple stamp but those did not turn out! I completely changed my plan and used these cute little stamps in different colors! 
Check out the step-by-step tutorial and as all of my projects are, these are so easy and you can totally make these with just a few supplies!! :)

  • White Canvas Sneakers - These are on sale at Michaels for $5!
  • Mini Stamps - Also from Michaels!
  • Acrylic or Fabric Paint
  • Paint Brush

Step One: Pour your paint into separate circles onto a paper plate/bowl. Spread each color into a thin layer with your paint brush. You may want to wash your brush in between colors so they stay separate.

Step Two: Remove the laces of your shoes before painting.
Coat your stamps in paint and push down each stamp individually on the outside of your shoes. Rinse each stamp in water before using another color!

Lace up your sneakers and find somewhere tropical to wear them!!

I hope you had fun making your own pair of stamped shoes! Comment below with the stamps and colors you used!!

XOXO, Karly

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