DIY Stamped Pineapple Bag

Happy (almost) Weekend DIY-ers!!
I am preparing for some MN summer weather in the high 90s [yikes]! 
Luckily the pool is open for the summer and I am ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend! I have my sunglasses and sunscreen ready to go along with my favorite towel which all fit perfectly in my canvas pineapple beach bag!!!
I made this bag in about an hour and I am obsessed! Check out the easy DIY steps below and make your own beach bag just in time for summer!!

White Canvas Bag - I purchased mine at Michaels. These are size 13.5 X 13.5!
Acrylic or Fabric Paint - I used hot pink and metallic gold!
Pineapple Stamp - Or whatever stamp you like! I bought mine from Michaels!
Painters Tape 
Pencil w/ Eraser
Paint Sponge/Brush - Sorry, not pictured!!

Step One: Measure four inches from the bottom on one side of the bag. Mark a small line with your pencil and repeat on the other side. Using your ruler, lightly draw a straight line across the bag with your pencil between the pencil lines.

Step Two: Cut a piece of painters tape about an inch longer than the bag on both sides. Press the tape down firmly to the bag and wrap the outside pieces around the bag.

Step Three: Paint the bottom section of the bag. Let the paint dry for 15 minutes and repeat a second coat. Allow the second coat to dry for 20 minutes before you remove the tape.

Step Four: Use your ruler to measure the white space of your bag. Divide your bag into twelve squares with light pencil lines.

Step Five: Pour paint onto a clean surface and spread the paint into a patch big enough for your stamp to be fully covered. Place your stamp onto the paint and make sure the image is fully covered. Next, firmly press the painted stamp into one of the squares on your canvas bag.

Enjoy your weekend in the sun!!

xoxo, Karly

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