DIY Monogram Golf Ball Marker

Hello DIY Darlings!
Any of my fellow golfers out there?!
I am beyond excited about this DIY project! I came up with it while looking through my golf bag and realizing I've been using the same ball marker for the past 6 years! I decided I could use a new one. I had just purchased magnetic paper for another project and realized it would be so easy to make my own ball markers!
Check out my step-by-step tutorial below and see how easy it is to make your own DIY monogram golf ball markers!!

Magnetic Paper - I purchased this at Michaels! Make sure to buy the paper with a sticky side.
Packing Tape - You can use any type of laminate!

Step One: Click here for your free monogram! Create your monogram in the color of your choice. [Remember, the order of your monogram is first initial, last initial, middle initial.]
Once you create your monogram, use your print screen tool or snipping tool to copy the image into a Microsoft word document! If you don't have that option, save and send the monogram to your email address. Once you receive the email, copy the image and paste into a Microsoft word document!
Shrink the monogram into a 1" X 1" image and insert a circle around the monogram. Print and carefully cut out your monogram.

Step Two: Place your circle face-down on the packing tape/laminate. Cut off the excess tape and set your monogram onto the magnetic paper. Cut out a square out of the magnet that is a little larger than your circle.

Step Three: Peel off the sticky backing of the magnetic paper and stick to your monogram. Cut around the monogram and make sure the monogram completely covers the sticky paper.

How easy was this DIY project?! I'm going to make myself one if every color!! :)

I hope you enjoyed this one! Check out the other sports related DIY projects on my blog by searching 'Golf'!!

Please include the hashtag #KPApreps with any projects you make! I'd love to see your pictures!! 

XOXO, Karly 

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