DIY Donut Hat

Hello DIY-ers (and Donut Lovers)!!
Did you know that National Donut Day is on Friday?! It looks like there will be a new food holiday every week this summer and I plan to participate in all of them! :D

I will be celebrating this Friday by laying out with my DIY donut hat and eating fresh donuts! I'm not sure where I'll get them... there are so many yummy shops opening up in Minneapolis! :)
If you are planning to celebrate the same way, you should definitely make this super easy DIY donut sun hat! Check out the step-by-step tutorial and comment below with any questions! 

Wide-Brimmed Hat - I purchased mine from Target but they sell these at most department stores!
Acrylic Paint - I chose light pink for a strawberry donut but it seems like donuts come in every color so the sky is your limit!
Foam Paint Brush - I used a standard size brush but a bigger size would work , too! 
Colorful Pom Poms 
Painters Tape
Hot Glue Gun

Step One: Using your painters tape, wrap the top of the hat so that your paint stays on the brim. Set up your painting station using a plate or bowl for paint. Since the hat is not completely solid, you will need to put newspaper or paper towels under the hat while you are painting or you will have spots of paint on the floor when you lift up the hat!
I used the foam brush more like a sponge than a paint brush and dabbed the paint on. I also let the outermost ring paint free to look more like a frosted donut!
Let the paint dry for 20 minutes and paint a second coat to achieve desired color.

Step Two: Once the paint is dry, remove the painters tape. Place the pom poms around the hat in the desired order and begin hot gluing to the hat. Hold each pom pom down for 10 seconds after gluing.
That's it! Wasn't that easy? :)

I hope you enjoyed this DIY project! :)

Don't forget to post pictures of your donut day activities using the hashtag #KPApreps !!

xoxo Karly

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