DIY Ice Cream T Shirt

Happy Monday!
It finally feels like summer which means ice cream season is upon us! I made this DIY ice cream cone t-shirt to celebrate! This is my favorite project since starting my blog! It was so easy and dare I say, so adorable!!
If you like ice cream and love DIY projects, follow the step-by-step tutorial to find out how to make your own frozen treat t-shirt!!

P.S. This is a two step project that took me less than 20 minutes and would make a perfect summer project for any summer nannies out there! :)

White Pocket T-Shirt - I purchased this from from H&M $5! I picked this shirt because it has a 'fake pocket' so I knew exactly where to put the design.
FREE Ice Cream Cone Template
Colorful Pom Poms - I bought a variety pack of different sizes and colors from Joann Fabrics and used the biggest pom poms I could find!
Fabric Pen - I found this bronze color fabric pen on sale at Joann Fabrics! Any tan/brown color will work!
Hot Glue Gun 

Step One: Decide where on the shirt you want your ice cream cone design. Lay out your 'ice cream scoops' and cone to ensure you are using the desired size pom poms. Before you begin hot gluing, I recommend putting a buffer between your shirt so that the hot glue does not drip to the back.  This can be a piece of card board, a magazine, card stock, etc. Using a generous amount of hot glue, secure your pom poms to the front of the shirt.

Step Two: Place your Ice Cream Cone Template between the t-shirt and position under the top of the pocket/ice cream scoops. Follow the directions on your fabric pen and carefully trace the template onto the front of your t-shirt. I found it easiest to pull the fabric with my non-writing hand to avoid bunching.

I hope you enjoyed this simple summer DIY!!
Don't forget to post your pictures and use the hashtag #KPApreps

Happy crafting!! :)

xoxo Karly


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