DIY Aquamarine Starfish Earrings

Hello DIY-ers! 
We had a big storm last night and it reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite movies: Aquamarine!! I'm currently sitting by the pool [post storm] waiting for Aquamarine to jump out. No luck yet but I will keep you updated!
If you have seen the movie, you know how cute her starfish earrings were! I decided to make my own in hopes of becoming a mermaid (only half joking)...

Check out the step-by-step tutorial below!! :)

Orange Polymer Clay - I found FIMO brand bright orange clay from Michaels! You won't need much for this project so one packet is more than enough!
Free Starfish Template
Earring Posts - Purchased from Michaels
Earrings Backs - Purchased from Michaels
X-ACTO Knife - If you do not own an X-ACTO knife, a regular knife will work!

Step One: Cut out your Free Starfish Template.  I made the template similar in size to Aquamarine's earrings so they are pretty big. You can make these bigger/smaller by cutting outside/inside the lines of the starfish.

Step Two: Roll two similar sized balls out of the clay. Flatten the balls with the palm of your hand until they are about the thickness of your toothpick. 

Step Three: Place the starfish cutouts onto the flattened clay. I recommend pushing the cutouts into the clay so the paper doesn't move while you are cutting.
Using your knife, carefully cut out your starfish shape. Make sure to cut all the way through your clay - this will make it easier when removing the excess clay.

Step Four: Using your toothpick, make tiny holes in your starfish. Once you are satisfied with the look of your starfish, bake in the oven according to the directions on the package of clay. I baked my starfish for 10 minutes on 230° F.

Step Five: Allow your clay to cool for 10 minutes. Turn your starfish so the back side is up and drop a dot of superglue onto the middle of the starfish. Place the back of the earrings onto the glue and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat with second earring.

Let the glue dry for 10 minutes before wearing your earrings!!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! 

Now all you need is some blue hair dye and a tail to channel your inner Aquamarine! <3

xoxo Karly

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