Bachelor/Bachelorette Viewing Party

Hello Bachelor/Bachelorette Fans!!
Last night I hosted the premiere of the 13th season of the Bachelorette!! My best gals and I have met every Monday for the past 5 years to watch our favorite reality show and each year we take the food, drinks, and decor to the next level. This year was no exception!
Check out my post below to see how to step up your Bachelor/Bachelorette premiere or finale party!!

Every good hostess knows her friends need to be hydrated and what's a bachelor/bachelorette viewing party without wine?! I debated between champagne and rosé and ultimately chose rosé for its pretty pink color. I opted out of using wine glasses for these adorable tuxedo cups... tutorial on those coming this week! Don't forget the ice!!

Food is such an important part of any successful party. I try to incorporate (a few) healthy snacks with tasty treats to give a variety of options. I made chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries (tutorial HERE) to go along with the theme. I found champagne gummy bears at Target and I am obsessed! They are so yummy and looked adorable in mini wine glasses displayed on the food table. We also had veggies & dip, cheese & crackers, popcorn, and rhubarb cake!!

My favorite part of party planning is coming up with tiny details that incorporate the theme of the evening. It's so easy so turn a basic night into something special with just a few extra steps. One of the ways I do this is with mini signs displayed throughout the party. Feel free to use any of my Bachelor/Bachelorette Free Printables.
To fit with the bachelor contestants theme, I also made tuxedo cups! These were not nearly as difficult to make as they seem... tutorial coming this week! :)

I hope you are able to use these ideas for your next Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party!!

xoxo, Karly

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